We offer a variety of services to help your company grow, Let’s get Kreative!

M.Y. Kreative Solutions will help you research business and domain names to ensure they are not taken. 

Branding is so much more than just your logo. It’s transcending, perception, identity, culture and reputation.

We will create a blueprint for your business future objectives and strategies and map out how you’ll be achieving them.

we’ll discuss your business concepts and goals to
see how realistic they are and where changes may be
necessary moving forward.

Understanding cash flow will often determine net positive or net negative.

You don’t get a second chance at a good first impression!
Your website is a reflection of your online presence.

Generate sales and build your brand. Upon completion of your site, we can handle your digital marketing, S.E.O,
blogs, online advertising and more.

We can analyze your product or service and customize a
sales presentation and closing techniques.

Business name & logo research

Your business name should be clear and easily comprehensible to customers, giving them a direct indication of the services and products you provide.

Designing a logo with my kreative solutions

For a compelling brand identity, aim for a simple and attention-grabbing logo, avoiding any controversy or confusion. The power of a great logo lies in its ability to make the brand instantly recognizable, much like the logos of McDonald’s, Nike, and LV. Once you’ve selected your logo, it marks the beginning of building your brand. Consistency is key – maintaining uniformity in colors, shapes, and design elements to strengthen your brand’s identity and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Ensure you register your business with the government as operating without proper registration is not only illegal but also causes you to miss out on valuable opportunities such as government grants, business loans, and various incentives.


Branding encompasses far more than just a logo; it involves transcending recognition, perception, identity, culture, and reputation.

Elevating from a mere logo to a brand, establishing recognition and building a reputable reputation.

How consumers perceive your brand matters. Positive perceptions stem from excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Voice identity:
Crafting key messages and taglines that convey your brand’s unique voice and personality.

Visual Identity:
Curating a cohesive visual identity that includes a compelling logo, carefully chosen colors, typography, and imagery

Attitude identity:
Expressing your company’s culture, values, vision, and mission, which collectively shape your brand’s personality.

Physical identity:
Extending your brand’s presence through well-designed business cards, attractive package designs, an inspiring office environment, and appropriate attire.

By considering all these elements, you can promote brand recognition, distinguish yourself from competitors, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Business Planning & Development

Consider this your roadmap to achieve your future business objectives and strategies. This comprehensive plan will guide you on how to attain your goals and can be adapted as needed in the future.

Think of it as your business bible, a flexible document that can evolve over time. It not only serves as your internal guide but also becomes a valuable asset to attract potential investors or partners. With a well-crafted business plan, you increase your chances of securing loans or grants to support your business ventures.

My Kreative Consulting clients


At the outset, we’ll engage in detailed discussions about your business concepts and goals, assessing their viability and identifying areas that may require adjustments for a successful future.

As your business takes shape, we’ll be by your side, providing continuous consultation during the development process. If desired, we are also available for ongoing consultation as your business gets up and running, supporting you at every stage of your journey.

Understanding Cash Flow

While we may not claim to be financial experts, we do possess fundamental cash flow knowledge that can significantly impact your business. Being aware of your cash flow situation can determine whether your business experiences a net positive or net negative outcome. It’s crucial to know where your revenue is generated from and where it is being allocated.

To manage your cash flow effectively, keep track of your sales and analyze where adjustments in spending are needed. Utilizing tools like QuickBooks can help you stay current with your Profit and Loss (P&L) statement, providing valuable insights into your financial health.

Remember, failure to meet financial commitments and obligations can jeopardize the longevity of your business. By proactively managing cash flow, you enhance your chances of maintaining a sustainable and successful operation.

Web Design

In the digital world, first impressions are everything!

Your website is the window to your online presence, narrating your story and showcasing your goals. It is vital to make it impeccable! A user-friendly, visually captivating, and fully customized website aligned with your business model is essential. Your visitors should immediately recognize the benefits of choosing you for their business needs.

To kickstart your journey, we offer a complimentary Google listing, enabling Google reviews to enhance your credibility. With Google Analytics tracking and SEO traffic, we’ll ensure your website performs optimally, attracting more visitors and boosting your online visibility. Let’s make your first impression unforgettable!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing may sound complicated, but it’s simply using online channels to connect with you and potential customers through various digital communication methods. The best part is, it’s a cost-efficient way to reach potential clients effectively.

First, we’ll conduct market research to identify your target audience and strategize how to connect with them. Understanding and addressing their needs in a way that makes their lives easier and more functional will be our focus. Highlighting your unique position in solving their problems will create a compelling offer that is attractive to them.

Our marketing approach is all about delivering the best and most cost-effective results. Through content marketing, we’ll educate, inform, and provide value to your audience, while simultaneously building your brand. We’ll carefully plan the who, what, where, when, and why of your marketing strategy. To begin with, we’ll use direct response and affordable alternatives to target your potential clients and determine what works best, especially if you have budget constraints.

Search engines and social media platforms are both valuable avenues to connect with potential clients. Search engines are especially effective for direct response campaigns, as users typically have clear buying intent. On the other hand, social media platforms are ideal for brand building and reaching users in a discovery mode.

Once your website is built, we can take care of your digital marketing needs, including SEO traffic, blog management, social media platform maintenance, and overall web maintenance, if you desire. Let’s boost your online presence and attract more leads, customers, and sales through strategic and effective digital marketing techniques.

Sales Training

Our sales training program begins with a comprehensive analysis of your product or service. Based on this assessment, we will craft a tailor-made sales presentation that incorporates proper closing techniques, allowing you to build your brand effectively. Our training will equip your team with the skills and strategies needed to succeed in driving sales and maximizing your business’s potential.

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